Excellence in

Rental Property Management

Serving Peterborough, Northumberland and beyond

Our job hands-down is to ensure a great experience for landlords and tenants alike. 

The More Rentals Team is dedicated to providing top-notch, stress-free property management while keeping tenants happy with great properties and responsive customer service.

Why do landlords in Northumberland and Peterborough choose us?

With over 20 years of experience in taking care of rental properties,

we know that property investors have individual needs. 

We cater to these needs by designing a program for each property and landlord,

so that you receive the best possible value.  

Our guiding philosophy is that we need to build up and maintain the landlord - tenant relationship.

It's our slogan and here is why...

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A great, well maintained building keeps tenants happy and paying rent, while landlords also receive the benefit of asset appreciation and cash flow over the long term.

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Although some landlords are physically absent from most day-to-day transactions, their investment needs ultimately guide the ground rules for the property.

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The More Rentals Team is your best choice locally to build and maintain the landlord and tenant relationship.  We excel at understanding the needs of both sides and work with all parties to keep the tenants happy and the landlord profitable.

The needs of tenants are just as important of those of the landlord investor.  Tenants want a great place to live and call home, responsive customer service and good value for their rent payments.